Visualizing Your Experience

The whole journey of Amal was really amazing and unforgettable. Before I talk specifically about the first two weeks of my Amal journey, I want to reflect on time before joining Amal. At the time of my studies, I used to be a very career-oriented person, I was a girl with lots of goals in life. After completing my studies, due to some responsibilities, I was unable to pursue my career. Finally, when I decided to restart my career, I was blank. I was unable to decide where to start and what to do. I came to realize that I lost my self-confidence in all that time and I really got worried about what happened to me. I really wanted to do something in life but I was confused. I started praying to Allah to show me the path and then I came to know about Amal. When I searched about Amal and came to know about their curriculum, I said to myself that’s what I needed desperately at that time.

When I started the course, within two weeks I started regaining my self-confidence. Things related to my career started becoming more clearer to me. I will relate my first two weeks of Amal’s journey to sunrise. For me sunrise is always the start of a new day, new journey, and new hope. That’s what Amal did to me as it showed me hope and a path towards a new journey. Amal took me out from the darkness of confusion towards the lights of goals. Sunrise gives us the start of the new day and Amal gives me the start of new life.

At the start of the course, I was thinking that it will be like other ordinary online courses and they will give us some tips related to career startup and will do career counseling. But when the course started and after attending interactive sessions my perspective about the course totally changed. They beautifully started the journey by the course “Knowing yourself” and gradually moved towards soft skills development and then resume, cover letter, and interview tips.

First time in my life I focused on my strengths and areas of improvement. The concept of Allama Iqbal’s Khudi was beautifully explained in the course and session. I came to realize that Amal comes before Khudi. The lesson “Just start and let the work teaches you” is worth taking for me. I came to know about how to make your goals, SMART goals and achieve them. I started thinking about the why’s behind my goals. I first time learned about the real concept behind leadership that leadership is all about feeling responsibility and taking initiative. I came to realize that how much volunteering is important in life and also for self-awareness. I got a clear concept of the difference between hobby, job, career, and vocation. All the inspirational videos were very motivating. I learned in the first two weeks that if you want to bring change, take small steps and volunteer yourself rather than thinking about taking big steps and changing the world.

During my Amal journey I came to realize that how much I am passionate about my career, the only problem was that I stopped believing in myself and my capabilities. I was unable to listen to the voices of my goals due to fears in my mind. But now I will let the noises of my goals in mind loud to such an extent that my fears will automatically become silent.